Our shelves are bare

A great book is nothing to take a vacation from.  The Inn at ONU recognizes that reading is enjoyable wherever your journey takes you.  That’s why we have developed the Share-A-Book program.


Pick up a book from our selection of donated titles to start during your stay. If you have not yet finished when you check out, we invite you to take it with you and enjoy!


Great books are meant to be shared. If you’ve taken one of our titles with you on your journey, please consider donating it to a book exchange program, library, or collection, or sharing it with a friend.


Bring a book to enjoy at the Inn and consider donating it to our collection during your next visit. In appreciation, you will receive a book plate with space to write your reasons for sharing that particular title or simply stating what you love about it. You’ll also take home a special bookmark memento as a souvenir and thank you, as well as receive 10% off dining at The Pub (excluding alcohol).

Time Out

Recently, I returned from a much needed vacation.  I could have stayed at home with my family and at one point I did contemplate it.  After all, it does take some planning  to make a vacation happen.  However, I decided if we stayed at home, I would still feel compelled to do all the stuff that I normally do.  And, I needed a break.

I did come to a realization on my vacation.  I realized that I couldn’t go months again without giving my self permission to take real down time.  It would be nice if every time we needed down time that we could go on vacation.  But, we sort of can….  We can take advantage of a special event, try something new, take a mini-retreat close to home or simply make time consistently for a special interest.  The point is, we have to find time to de-stress.

Take the time right now to get started on your new journey.  For ideas on special events and retreats, visit innatonu.com or grab that book that’s been calling your name.







JazzINN Blues is almost here!

Jazz&BluesFinally, it’s here.  Our much anticipated JazzINN Blues series!  Of course it still remains on Friday nights (starts April 24th) but much is new this season.  Our courtyard has been updated to include fresh plants, furniture and even will be set up for cornhole.  Bring you friends and family for a lively game in the courtyard.  Also, we’ve updated our summer menu to include The Inn’s signature ribs.  The ribs will be offered until they’re gone so make sure to come early on Friday nights!  Also available will be our hot appetizer buffet and your favorite cool beverage from our Pub.

Summer doesn’t last long enough.  Make sure to take advantage of all the season offers and come out for JazzINN Blues.  Our great line up of musicians and food are the perfect recipe for Friday nights.

For more information, please visit innatonu.com.

See you Fridays this summer!


Take the Experience Home with You

innbeddingDon’t you wish you could take that “vacation” feeling home with you?  All too soon, it tends to become a distant memory.  But, if one of your favorite parts of vacation was how well you rested, we can help with that.  Over and over again we hear how comfortable our bedding is.  The Inn provides Beautyrest by Simmons.  Our mattresses are not purchased through a retail store but rather through a company that provides customized services.  Now, you can order the same luxurious mattress by calling Simmons direct.  Simply call 1-866-926-8233 and give them the location code of 65-490.

Why would we do this?  Our goal is that each of our guests have a wonderful experience with us.  Now, you can take a little bit of us home with you.





God Rocks® at The Inn

godrocks4With Easter right around the corner, many of us take a moment this time of year to reflect upon our faith.  We all lead very busy lives and sometimes a tangible reminder to consider our spiritual health can be very helpful.

Whether you want to purchase for yourself or give as a gift, God Rocks® are a visible opportunity to keep us on our journey.  They are available at The Inn’s gift shop (open 24 hours/7 days a week).

A note from their creator:  Connie Grashel

God Rocks® are meant to be carried as a reminder that God is our rock and our salvation.  When things get tough they are a reminder that God is there for us. God Rocks® should be shared with others as a symbol that God will always be a foundation – a deliverer from thy enemies.  God Rocks® should be used to prompt us throughout our day.  God Rocks® remind us that there is hope when things seem hopeless and that we have a future if we build our foundation on God’s promise.  Our mission is to remind everyone that God is always there for them.  When times seem hopeless, when you wonder how you can continue, God will not and does not leave you.  If you lean on him as your foundation, He will see you through the hard times and the trials.  Just when you think that no one cares, God will show you that you are His child and that because He is the father, you can get through those difficult times.  The foundation, built on God, is indestructible.

If you would like my words:  Sometimes in life, it seems no one cares.  God created us, and as our Heavenly Father, he always cares.  He will not leave us during those times, we just need to remember to trust God.  Lean on Him.  I believe our God Rocks items are meant to be used as a reminder of that.  My prayer is that when you see these items, that you will remember to look to God for guidance and answers.  That you will believe that God is your Rock and the foundation for your life.



How do you connect?

We all connect.  It seems every moment of every day we are connected to some sort of electronic device.  But I’m wondering how do you connect with those in your inner circle?  I think that my inner circle would say that I’m not connected enough to them.  With the ability to check our emails and social media 24 hours a day, it’s challenging to put the devices aside; however, I’m thinking that we all need some old-fashioned connecting now and then.    Spending time purposely connecting with those we care about can do wonders for our relationships.  And, it doesn’t even have to be just our family and friends.  Connecting personally with co-workers can have professional benefits as well.  Purposely connecting takes a little effort but you’ll appreciate the benefits.  Plan a special thank you lunch for your professional team, a romantic getaway (without the cell phones) with your spouse or even plan a entire weekend to bring together your extended family.  If you need a point in the right direction, our professional team can help you begin to connect – and unplug.




Winter Wishes

About this point in the winter, many of us are dreaming of warm weather.  While a warm weather escape can certainly help, we have to find creative ways to enjoy this season.  I promised myself not to spend the winter wishing it away.  Instead, I would embrace the opportunities it holds.  You may question just what opportunities –  but have you ever spent the afternoon in the snow and came into hot chocolate?  If it’s been too many years to count than I encourage you to spend even a few moments enjoying the great outdoors.  A brisk walk, filling a birdfeeder – whatever it is, find a way to connect with the outdoors.  And, certainly it’s a wonderful time to embrace the great indoors as well!  Have a hobby you’re behind on?  What about the indoor project you’ve been putting off?  It’s the perfect time to tackle it.  Need a special retreat?  A time to relax and rejuvenate? A short time away can really do wonders for the soul.   Wishing you a perfectly happy winter.

New Year’s Resolutions

Regardless of what exactly you call them, many of us have goals, hopes, resolutions, etc. for the new year.

On the top of many of our to-do lists is fitness.  Fitness and organization always seem to find their way to the top of my list.  I love to exercise, well not exactly love….I do love how I feel after I exercise.  So, imagine how I felt when I received my new fitness watch.  I could now organize my fitness time.

I’m not a real technical person, electronic gadgets do not normally excite me; however, I have to admit that I quickly became addicted to my watch.  It added a new element of fun to exercising and of course I was feeling organized with my fitness logs and info.

All was going well for a couple of weeks.  Then, on a particular full day of work and errands, I looked down to check my watch and discovered it was gone!  I had completely blown my organization goal along with losing my Christmas present. Ok, completely blown is an overstatement but I was quite frustrated with myself.

I called the company and they said that they would happily replace it as it wasn’t my fault the band had come loose.  Wonderful.  I was back in business!

Regardless of what your goals and hopes for the new year are, take it one day at a time and don’t forget to find joy in the little moments, as well as the big ones.





Happy Holidays

Every day is a gift.  An opportunity to give to each other; an opportunity to brighten someone’s life.  Whether it’s a hand to hold, a smile to share or simply a nod and wave to a stranger, we all have the opportunity to make a difference.

At The Inn, we strive to make a difference to you – to provide the extra touches that make us your home away from home. We hope that if you’ve stayed with us before, that we will see you again.  And, if you have not yet visited, we hope that you will soon.

From all of us to you, may you experience peace, joy and happiness throughout this holiday season.

Happy Holidays!


Get Creative with Your Time

With the holiday season now in full swing, you’ll find limited time to do all the things you want and need to do. The key to fitting it all in may require getting creative! No time to add in another dinner party? Consider a week-day lunch or Saturday morning breakfast or brunch. Friends and family will appreciate not having to fill in another week-night on the schedule and you’ll appreciate the extra time as well.

The holidays are meant to be enjoyed so don’t try to do so much that you over-extend; however, with a little careful planning, you’ll be able to manage and ENJOY the season.

Join me next time as I share some easy and delicious brunch recipes!