God Rocks® at The Inn

godrocks4With Easter right around the corner, many of us take a moment this time of year to reflect upon our faith.  We all lead very busy lives and sometimes a tangible reminder to consider our spiritual health can be very helpful.

Whether you want to purchase for yourself or give as a gift, God Rocks® are a visible opportunity to keep us on our journey.  They are available at The Inn’s gift shop (open 24 hours/7 days a week).

A note from their creator:  Connie Grashel

God Rocks® are meant to be carried as a reminder that God is our rock and our salvation.  When things get tough they are a reminder that God is there for us. God Rocks® should be shared with others as a symbol that God will always be a foundation – a deliverer from thy enemies.  God Rocks® should be used to prompt us throughout our day.  God Rocks® remind us that there is hope when things seem hopeless and that we have a future if we build our foundation on God’s promise.  Our mission is to remind everyone that God is always there for them.  When times seem hopeless, when you wonder how you can continue, God will not and does not leave you.  If you lean on him as your foundation, He will see you through the hard times and the trials.  Just when you think that no one cares, God will show you that you are His child and that because He is the father, you can get through those difficult times.  The foundation, built on God, is indestructible.

If you would like my words:  Sometimes in life, it seems no one cares.  God created us, and as our Heavenly Father, he always cares.  He will not leave us during those times, we just need to remember to trust God.  Lean on Him.  I believe our God Rocks items are meant to be used as a reminder of that.  My prayer is that when you see these items, that you will remember to look to God for guidance and answers.  That you will believe that God is your Rock and the foundation for your life.