Time Out

Recently, I returned from a much needed vacation.  I could have stayed at home with my family and at one point I did contemplate it.  After all, it does take some planning  to make a vacation happen.  However, I decided if we stayed at home, I would still feel compelled to do all the stuff that I normally do.  And, I needed a break.

I did come to a realization on my vacation.  I realized that I couldn’t go months again without giving my self permission to take real down time.  It would be nice if every time we needed down time that we could go on vacation.  But, we sort of can….  We can take advantage of a special event, try something new, take a mini-retreat close to home or simply make time consistently for a special interest.  The point is, we have to find time to de-stress.

Take the time right now to get started on your new journey.  For ideas on special events and retreats, visit innatonu.com or grab that book that’s been calling your name.